What’s your approach to curriculum?

Conceptions of Curriculum

Back to the beginning.

Cognitive processes

Skills your students can develop, interactive and growth-oriented

Curriculum as technology

Delivery of a perfect package, efficient input-output


Your students are humans, they develop intellectually and emotionally

Social reconstruction or relevance

Societal issues engage students in the world they live in

Academic rationalism

Important works are the building blocks of society, transmission of culture

Personal commitment to learning

Education doesn’t stop when students graduate, learning is a skill we keep using

More in-depth reading:

A foundational outline of conceptions of curriculum and an update:

  • Eisner, E., & Vallance, E. (Eds.). (1974). Five conceptions of the curriculum: Their +++ roots and implications for curriculum planning.In E. Eisner & E. Vallance +++ +++(Eds.), Conflicting conceptions of curriculum (pp. 1-18)Berkeley, CA:++ ++++ + ++McCutchan Publishing.
  • Vallance, E. (1986). A second look at conflicting conceptions of the +++curriculum. Theory into Practice, 25(1), 24-30.

A breakdown and overview of how education philosophy interacts with curriculum implementation:

  • Ornstein, A. C. (1990/1991). Philosophy as a basis for curriculum decisions. The +++High School Journal, 74, 102-109

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