What’s your approach to curriculum?

What’s your approach to curriculum? Even if you’ve been given guidelines or a complete curriculum by your school, school board, or a previous teacher, you probably have an idea of what you feel is important when it comes to designing and implementing your course. Click the picture that best fits your personal philosophy: Do youContinue reading “What’s your approach to curriculum?”

PME-810 – Module 3 – Updated visual – Kathryn, Heidi, Richard

Our visualization changed significantly from our first Coggle design in Module 2. The first reason is purely practical: the more we added, the less clear our visual became for an outside reader. Second, one of the benefits of an online program is learning about and experimenting with new collaborative technology. Coggle is one tool, butContinue reading “PME-810 – Module 3 – Updated visual – Kathryn, Heidi, Richard”