Richard Stefano – Additional PME-802 Materials and Notes for Program Evaluation Design

Below are some additional materials (mostly for my own use) to develop my understanding of Evaluation and improve my Program Evaluation Design in the form of a program rationale, program plan, and logic model based on Chen (2005) and Wilder (2009).

Program rationale:

  1. Problem – 2SLGBTQI students often have negative mental health and well-being, internalized shame and low self-esteem and struggle with academic success, school attendance and high dropout rates.
  2. Target group – teachers in Ontario schools
  3. Goal – Improve mental health of 2SLGBTQI students in schools and improve school environment.
  4. Determinant – Teachers become more educated on 2SLGBTQI issues and how to implement inclusivity in the classroom.
  5. Intervention – Webinars provided to teachers and resources available on Egale organization website.

Program plan:

  1. Implementing organization – Egale organization and school boards or individual schools.

*2. Program implementers – Teachers provided with training and resources by Egale

  1. Associate organizations and community partners – School boards/schools and the Ontario government (providing funding)

*4. Ecological context – Reports done in 2011 and 2021 determined that Ontario schools were not an inclusive, supportive environment for 2SLGBTQI students.

*5. Intervention and service delivery protocols – Webinars and free online resources to educate teachers. Teachers better understand 2SLGBTQI issues, implement 2SLGBTQI-focused lessons in their curriculum, and use inclusive language in the classroom.

*6. Target population – Students in Ontario schools. The focus is on improving the mental health of 2SLGBTQI students in Ontario schools, however: there will also be an effect on staff in those schools, in other students at the schools, and in the community connected to each affected school.


Chen, H.-T. (2005). Practical program evaluation: Assessing and improving planning, implementation, and effectiveness. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications

Wilder Research. (August 2009). Program theory and logic models. Retrieved May 19, 2022, from:

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