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PME-811 Blog Post 1: Determining my question

PME-811 Blog Post 2: My current approach and next steps

PME-811 Blog Post 3: A break to talk about definitions

PME-811 Blog Post 4: Initial searches

PME-811 Blog Post 5 – Am I having a crisis?

PME-811 Blog Post 6 – Audience conditioning

PME-811 Blog Post 7 – Planning the last module

PME-811 Blog Post 8 – Finding a useful article

PME-811 Blog Post 9 – History of English Studies

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Richard Stefano – PME-811 – Blog Post 10 – Conclusion

PME-811 Blog Post Hub I found a few interesting articles, including one that explored the benefits of YouTube when teaching French. However, in the course we’ve now moved on to our final two assignments, and I feel I’ll be taking a break from exploring my initial question. I feel a little frustrated that my search…

Richard Stefano – PME-811 – Blog Post 9: History of English Studies

PME-811 Blog Post Hub I found an article on JSTOR related to the general history of English studies (Yood, 2003). The article framed the beginning of English studies as a response to rhetoric and classics. After the Civil War, a new field of English split from existing studies, and allowed students to engage in literary…

Richard Stefano – PME-811 – Blog Post 8 – Finding a useful article

PME-811 Blog Post Hub To start my historical review of ESL education, I chose an article called “History of Teaching English as a Second Language” (1996). Right away, I was a little put off by the opening sentence that stated: “The teaching of English as a Second Language can be described as a truly American…

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