Richard Stefano – PME 811 – Blog Post 4: Initial searches

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I decided to start with some broad searches aiming for: 

1. The benefits of using video to teach English literature, and

2. The benefits of using video to teach ELL students, and

3. Any connection between culture, culture shock, cultural context and the use of video (or other media.

Essentially, I’d like to gather some research about the benefits (or downsides!) of using media in the classroom, specific to my classroom and my learners. I’m hoping to gain some new knowledge and hopefully find some strategies for making my lessons more engaging. My focus is on cultural context, but that is a little too specific. I’m hopeful that I’ll find some related sources, but my initial search for cultural context and English literature mostly shows the benefit of video on language acquisition.

Interestingly, a source I’ve already encountered ( immediately gave me a great introduction to the topic:

The article discusses the idea of “…setting the context historically, politically, socially, and emotionally…” and uses a documentary about the civil rights era as an example. There are also benefits for ELLs specifically, including vocabulary and “solidifying” concepts they might struggle with.

Next two posts: I’m interested in further exploration of the “technology integration” tag, although a lot of it is specific to online-only learning. Our current module in PME-811 includes historical context, so with that in mind I plan on doing some background research on the history of ESL education in North America.


Alber, R. (2019, March 18). Using Video Content to Amplify Learning. Edutopia. Retrieved July 26, 2022, from

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