Richard Stefano – PME-811 – Blog Post 7: Planning the last module

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I’ve spent the last few posts confusing myself and getting further away from a targeted exploration of my initial question. Which I’m fine with. But it’s time to get to work. The course closure assignment involves finding 2-3 peer-reviewed articles or journals that connect to innovation in teaching or learning.

I previously stated that I wanted to explore the historical context of ESL and English literature instruction in North America: That’s still true. Hopefully, getting background, historical details will help both my assignments:

1: Grounding my understanding of my teaching in historical context and understand the various tools that teachers have used in the past to accomplish what I’m exploring, and

2: Give me a better understanding of historical context so I can understand what is innovative about some modern teaching practices, and how those innovations grew from previous practices and approaches.

Regardless of the results of my search, I’ll be able to reflect on the connections between articles I read and my previous blog posts, and hopefully create some interesting connections with whichever articles I choose to review for our final assignment.

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