Richard Stefano – PME-811 – Blog Post 10 – Conclusion

PME-811 Blog Post Hub

I found a few interesting articles, including one that explored the benefits of YouTube when teaching French. However, in the course we’ve now moved on to our final two assignments, and I feel I’ll be taking a break from exploring my initial question. I feel a little frustrated that my search was so unfocused, but I think that’s natural when it isn’t tied to any specific guiding or motivating process. One of the reasons I signed up for this program was because – while I explore learning on my own – I need some kind of structure or curriculum to guide me in a new space and motivate me to make regular progress. I enjoyed writing the blog, however, and I think “Reflection as a way of life” is an effective way to keep myself in the right headspace to continue professional development as part of this Masters program and on my own for my teaching practice.

I actually enjoy writing papers, but I’ll be honest and say I’m very nervous about the course closure assignment. One of the scariest parts about post-undergrad studies (and life!) for me has been a lack of clear success criteria. I found grading and feedback very consistent in undergrad, while every time I make a post as a Masters student, I have no clue what response I’ll get! So far it’s been positive and productive, but I always feel there’s a chance I’ll get a low grade on something I’m actually very proud of submitting.

I’m off to work on my teaching philosophy statement, and then I’ll need to finalize which articles to review for our final paper. Thanks for reading!

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