3. Creating an outline for Unit 1: Creative Writing

As I discussed before, my major obstacle was a lack of motivation due to external circumstances. I had to start looking at my own monitoring document as a real assessment; the same way I looked at my coursework. I decided to combine my next two goals into one single, achievable document. It was a flexible lesson plan (or at least an outline) and a goal-setting document for the unit. However, in combining these two goals I made them less specific. My lesson plan is really an outline of what I did last year, rather than a new plan that takes advantage of some of the ideas in this course. For now, I’m okay with that. My next step is to create a reflection outline for each lesson. Using this, I can go back and edit my lesson plans based on my own reflections and student feedback. If I look at my own thinking, I made my goal slightly more attainable in an effort to improve my self-efficacy. I still feel I accomplished something in creating this outline, and I feel it will help me moving forward. My original goal was not helping me motivate myself. Below I have attached my outline:

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