2. Course outline for new teachers

One of my first proximal goals was to create an outline for new Reading Teachers. I’ve had to do this before, but I’ve never put it in writing beyond an email following by a personal discussion. I reflected on two things: 1, the questions and concerns I had and the things I struggled with when I first arrived, and 2, what problems arose when other teachers first arrived and what were they confused by?

I remember when I arrived, I followed the curriculum of the other reading teacher, and it took several weeks to realize how each part of the course was helping students prepare for study overseas. I was lucky that I’d worked with Chinese students in Canada before, so I understood how necessary a critical thinking course is for many of them. I feel it’s a good idea to make this explicit for new teachers, especially since I might not be aware of their familiarity with international students.

Since becoming the senior reading teacher here, I’ve made many changes to the course, and I feel it does a good job of preparing students of many different English levels. I’ve created a possible message to send to a new reading teacher, with the assumption that they will have many follow-up logistical questions, and I will have to go over individual units and lessons with them in person.

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